Bad Boy Bill Recently voted "America's Favorite House DJ - 2006" by the readers of BPM Magazine (an award which he also won in 2003), Bad Boy Bill has a reputation built upon his phenomenal club sets that incorporate extravagant visuals and live dance performances in addition to Bill's fierce turntable prowess. Bill got his start DJing as a teenager, joining a DJ crew in the neighborhood and spinning at DJ battles. Only a senior in high school, Bad Boy Bill started his own record label. He eventually became a household name on Chicago's B96, using his "Bad Boy Bill" audio ID as a way of distinguishing himself from the other DJs on the radio. Today, Bill spends most of his time producing tunes in the studio or out on the road, playing up to 150 gigs annually, everywhere from New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles to international hotspots including Peru, Columbia, Germany, England, and Spain.

DJ Skribble DJ Skribble formed Young Black Teenagers in the early '90s with rappers Kamron, ATA, Firstborn, and Tommy Never. After the release of two YBT albums, the group broke up, but Skribble kept going. In 1996 he added theater to his resumé when he worked with Bill Irwin for the musical +Hip Hop Wonderland. He also worked on the debut album by the Fugees' Wyclef Jean, then released his own debut mix set, Traffic Jams, Vol. 1, in November 1997. MDMA, Vol. 1 followed a year later, trailed in 1999 by a second volume of Traffic Jams. In September of 2000, Skribble was added to the roster of Essential Mix DJs with the release of Essential Dance 2000. Making appearances on networks like MTV (The Grind, Yo! MTV Raps, Global Groove) and being involved with New York radio station WKTU, Skribble (or "Skribs") is also involved with Cindy Margolis, co-hosting her self-titled beach-party theme show. Skribble turned to an even more commercial dance-mix sound with the release of Essential Spring Break in mid-2000, and invited listeners into his own pad for 2001's Skribble's House. djdan

Donald Glaude A veteran DJ for over 15 years, Donald Glaude has cemented his reputation as a crowd-rocking favorite and one of the most in demand artists in the country.  He is one of those rare DJs who perceives their role to be that of an all-around entertainer and performer.  He exudes energy, dropping track after funky track, arms aloft, and has been known to join the dancers on the floor.  It is the combination of these ingredients that have helped him create a unique connection with his audience.  Not only is Donald dedicated to his craft, it is his amazing ability to connect with the crowds that makes his sets transcend mere mortality.

DJ Dan Daniel Wherret aka 'DJ Dan' is a professional recording artist on the Moonshine record label. Wherret grew up in Olympia, Washington. He began hearing electronic dance music at clubs in Seattle and Tacoma where Donald Glaude was playing. Glaude taught him the basics of turntablism before Wherret went to study fashion at FIDM in Los Angeles. At the time, the nascent rave culture was emerging in Los Angeles. Dan played a few events with Ron D Core and soon became a sought after DJ. He was voted the #5 DJ in the world by DJ Magazine’s "Top 100" poll for 2006. djdan

markfarina Mark Farina Mark Farina has been a figurehead of the US house scene for over 15 years, first cutting his teeth in the now legendary Chicago/Detroit scene in the late eighties. Working closely with such luminaries as Derrick Carter, Kevin Saunderson and Chris Nazuka, Mark utilized his tight connections and signed to KMS Records in 89 under the Symbols & Instruments moniker and produced a landmark track called Mood the first ambient house track ever made. From there he went on to pioneer the Mushroom Jazz genre in San Francisco, championing a more mellow style of jazzy house and early hip-hop that saw him open the Jazid Up club and release a series of mixtapes that were an instant hit, quickly becoming the official sound of the after-parties at the time. Mark has now sold well over 100,000 albums worldwide, with the bulk in America.

Richard Vission Grammy nominated remixer/ producer Richard Vission rocks dance floors around the world with his recent remixes of Prince, Timbaland, Gnarles Barkley and David Bowie, as well has his original productions like "Somebody" and "Automatic." His label Solmatic has grown from releasing some of the top underground bangers of the year to being a full blown dance club residency phenom. Vission consistently ranks in the TOP 30 DJs for the last decade - showing no sign of slowing down in 2008, From million selling pop star LP credits to hosting the longest running mix show in the US, "Power Tools" - Vission's work is met with enthusiasm from the top of the charts, to soul of the underground. djdan

steve smooth Steve Smooth Adored by crowds worldwide, Steve took his skills as a DJ to over 30 different countries in the last 5 years & over 100 shows just last year alone. Currently holding monthly DJ residencies at Crobar (Chicago) & Dream (Miami). Steve's talent as a dj is only matched by his proficiency as a producer with releases on such labels as: Ménage Music (US) & Ministry of Sound (UK). In 2006 Ménage Music released Steve's debut album "The Collection" with production partner, JJ Flores. Together they have remixed for many mainstream artists such as Nelly Furtado, Santana & Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. Their remix of "Dancin" by Aaron Smith was a Top 10 hit in the UK Pop Charts. Early in 2008, Steve & JJ signed to Ultra Records and have already released their 1st two singles "Being In Love" & "Let It Go" from their sophomore album due out October 07, 2008.

JJ Flores JJ Flores (a producer, remixer, writer, engineer & DJ with a very diverse background) started as a basement DJ at the age of 17. When he produced his first record "Forever Amor", JJ found an outlet to release the track through Chicago's DJ International Records. In turn, the single was quickly signed by Atlantic Records and immediately landed on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. With his first release such a success, Flores was quickly recognized by ID Records CEO, Frank Rodrigo. JJ began working on remix projects for high-profile talent stretching from Electronic-House to Hip-Hop. His production work has been utilized for radio and club remixes by many mainstream artists including Vanessa Williams, PM Dawn, Christina Milian & NSYNC. JJ has been releasing music on labels like Motus Music, Moody Recordings and International House Records. Currently producing with legendary DJ Bad Boy Bill, Flores has been an influential partner in developing Ménage Music. JJ plans to continue to set the pace for production of House music. jj flores

scooter & lavelle Scooter & Lavelle As two of America's top DJ talents, SCOOTER & LAVELLE redefine the art of performing with there one of a kind 4 turntable breathtaking sets. Touring relentlessly at top clubs around the globe these two dance music phenoms really know how to rock a party. There easily recognizable look and style combined with there unique diverse blend of house and hip hop have vaulted these two award winning artists to the top of the top.Scooter & Lavelle have perfected the unique art of playing 4 records at once into a seamless sound unmatched throughout the industry. Lavelle's banging progressive house mixes are the foundation of there music, while Scooter adds in scratching, turntableism as well as hip hop, rock and pop music loops. This distinct blend of a multitude of different types of music is universally appealing to all crowds and venues. This special sound combined with there significant stage presence and visual performances have been the catalyst for their shows for over 10 years.

David Garcia David was born in Caracas, Venezuela; He grew up in Los Angeles then transplanted to the San Francisco Bay Area. Having lived in these parts of the world filled his life with different flavors, a 'mash-up' of cultures and musical influences helped shape his style. In San Francisco is where he kicked off his music career holding down residencies at some of San Francisco's biggest nightclubs and working for the top radio stations as a host and producer of 2 very influential underground music shows: "House Nation" and "Radioactive". With this success, he developed the reputation as one of the most versatile voices of the San Francisco scene. david garcia

dimitrisMykonos Dimitris Mykonos Dimitris started mixing with the help of his good friends Thomas Katsaros (Sony Music) and George Siras (Kiss FM Athens) in 1 984 at "Disco Atomic" in Athens, Greece. Within 2 years he and his friends dominated the Athens nightlife, securing residencies and bookings at all the major nightclubs. Dimitris spent his summers in the Greek islands spinning for the vacationing European crowd, and his winters between radio stations (Studio 99, Art Fm, Capital 96.5) and various nightclubs until 1991, when he moved to the Bay Area and decided to take a little break and find a "Real Job". That "little break" ended up being nothing short of 8 years. When he finally returned to the scene, he was fortunate to have the support and confidence of his new friends, founders of Pleasure Zone Productions, Mixed Elements and Hotel Ibiza. Dimitris has worked his magic at local clubs like 1015 Folsom, RubY Skye, Ibiza, Decibel, Bas, Sno-drift, Rouge, NV, Forum, and the list goes on. His ability to cross over different styles of House Music on the fly has given him the reputation of always having packed dance floors independent of location. He reads the crowd in a way that only old school European DJs used to back in the day, which allows him to respond and make adjustments to content and style. He was recently voted as one of San Francisco's top 10 DJs in a 3-week poll sponsored by Nitevibe.

Teddy C Born in the Bay (Fremont, CA) Teddy's passion for music started at a very very young age groovin to old Hall & Oates records, Breakdancing to old Egyptian Lover tracks and even dancing to old school freestyle jams by Trinere. He bought his first piece of vinyl at the age of 13. It was the Egyptian Lovers self titled Egyptian Lover EP. Although he didn’t start spinning his first records until 6 years ago he finally bought his own equipment and began teaching himself the art of being a dj. After going through many genre’s of music he finally found one that he fell in love with— House Music! He quickly fell in love with how everybody was just in a different state of mind when dancing and grooving to this music called house… no fighting no attitudes just a common love and passion for the music. He got his first break being the resident dj for Blue Tattoo and then playing at smaller local bars and venues until Aqua Shi opened where he was finally able to showcase his talents every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. He eventually hooked up with Pure209 Founder and CEO Darrel Wilkins who quickly recognized Teddy’s potential and started booking him to play at bigger venues including Club Aura, 1015, and others. This looks to be a real promising year for Teddy so keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming events as they will no doubt be off the chain! teddyC

davidCarvalho David Carvalho One of the hardest working dj's in San Francisco, David Carvalho has managed to become one of the most sought after dj's in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether playing at the hottest clubs in S.F., celebrity events, or large corporate parties, he always finds himself among the elite crowds of partygoers everywhere. His mix of Hip Hop, Disco, House, Funk, and Rock can promise that all that attend his shows can get a taste of what they like. In 2005, David won "Emerging Artist of the Year" from Scion car compay (, and was sent on a trip to the Winter Music Conference to represent San Francisco. You can find David at his weekly residencies, Dolce, Slide, Element, or Aura, as well as various other special events. In 2006, David Carvalho will be playing outside of California in Miami, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Seattle.

DJ Hustle-Lin Sophia Lin a.k.a. DJ Hustle-Lin. Model. DeeJay. Actress. Performing Artist. Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Silver springs and Potomac, Maryland and later Kansas City. Now Sophia resides in Los Angeles to further her acting and performing career. In her teenage years, Sophia started modeling by working at bikini shows, hair shows, fashion shows at malls, special event and car shows. She was then introduced into DJ'ing by DJ Shaunflo, as she would be his back-up and relief DJ at parties and clubs. "Since I love music just as much that I thought it would be pretty hot to have a girl DJ!," Sophia smiles. Her original DJ name was 'DJ Sofiyah,' as in hot like fiyah!" Later on, priorities changed and Sophia concentrated on working and school. She finished school and attained her real estate license with Keller Williams. But then Sophia realized her old passion to DJ. "So I said wait, I know how to DJ and I love it!" So she revived her DJ career and decided that she needed to change her name up, "…. Kinda like how many times Prince and P.Diddy did! So I chose 'DJ Hustle-Lin' because it had my last name 'Lin' and 'Hustle' (like the movie Hustle & Flow)." As DJ Hustle-Lin, Sophia rocked the crowds with her hot dance mixes. Promoters hired her to DJ all over from Seattle to Miami up to Canada and down to Las Vegas at many clubs and corporate events. Beauty and talent. Smart and sexy. Feel the music. Feel the beat. It's Sophia DJ Hustle-Lin. DJ Hustle-Lin

DJ Shift DJ Shift DJ Shift is one busy guy -hopping from club to club every night of the week- with sets scheduled at Tao, Bare, Krave, Rehab, Moorea beach, Tabu and Seamless, sometimes more than one in a single evening. He can also be found in clubs in Denver, Scottsdale, San francisco and even Mexico. His popularity may stem from his ability to spin a nearly mind-blowing variety of music, while leading the scene with his party loving vibe. Shift's self-described set-list includes 80's rock and one hit wonders, hip hop, mash ups, funky and progressive vocal house, and electro house. Talk about inclusive!

Bobby Sanchez Born in the Central Valley of California and hailing from the town of Hilmar, Bobby Sanchez has and continues to prove time and time again that small town Country Boy's know how to throw, create and rock parties time and time again. Whether it's cutting edge Hip-Hop, House, Rock, or Classic Hits, Bobby continually keeps club go-ers coming back with his relentless ability to keep bodies moving from his first spin 'til the end of the night lights come on. bobby sanchez

patAllen Pat Allen I am a 15 year veteran DJ of the San Francisco, Bay Area. I am a very proud and thankful resident DJ for Mixed Elements. I specialize in rocking the crowds whether it is hip hop or house music. Living in the most diverse area, you have to be able to adapt to the crowds needs. God gave me the gift and talent to express myself through music and give people a feeling they have never felt before through music. My high is seeing people happy on the dance floor, so I give them what they want. My passion is vocal house music with remixes of old school tracks. To see what I have done and where I have played in the world you can check out my website At this site you can hear some mixes and go deeper into the life and experiences of DJ Pat Allen.

Atimatik (pronounced like automatic but replace the "o" with an "i") started his professional music career over a decade ago as a bassist for Bay Area punk band, Loose Bearing. During the mid-90's, he along with best friend Josh Camacho experienced SF's underground electronic music scene who were blown away by its early influences (DJ Dan, Barry Weaver, Donald Glaude to name a few). Because of his mechanical understanding of music, Atimatik quickly picked up the art of DJ'ing. As Atimatik progressed in skill, he landed DJ work with Josh's band, the globally renowned Mephisto Odyssey (Warner Brothers Records). Atimatik has been seen spinning at some of the most important clubs and parties all over California including Clockwerk Event's Atlantis, Live 105/Rocktronica at the Fillmore and the Great American Music Hall, Burning Man, Forum Nightclub, Polo's Blue Cube, Glas Kat, 550 Barneville, Love Parade SF the past three years, Fahrenheit, Alpha Bar, Gallery Lounge, Avalon, Jelly's, 1015, Cuccini's, Club Deep, Vault Ultralounge, Angels, Lift, Suite one8one, Aura, Ruby Skye, and many more. atimatik

DJ Scottie (Scott Elliott) humbly began his career, like so many dj's in the bedroom of his friend's house on two 1200's. A few house parties later he was mixing at a local bar, and it wasn't long before he began residencies and guest appearances at several spots in the East bay and tri-valley area (El Balazo, Aura, Peewee Muldoons, Crogans, Tymeless, Fat Cat, Modesto Sports Bar, Copper Rhino). Although he is relatively new to the scene, Scottie is a familiar face in every city he's played. His love of music, drive for perfection, and a strong ambition to see a happy crowd are what motivate him to be what he is today. His format, keep it simple; constantly analyze the crowd to see what's a hit and what's not, throw in a few tricks, and above all KEEP THE CROWD MOVING, whatever it takes.

DJ Zya Zaya Khanishan, who goes professionally by DJ Zya, hails from the Central Valley in California. As an experienced DJ and seasoned producer, Zya is progressively making his mark on the electronic dance music scene. Choosing not to take a genre for his taste in music, Zya is beginning to be known for both his intense Electro productions as well as his more Progressive and Trancey tracks. Zya began releasing his singles when first being signed to Chicago-based digital label, Direct Drive Digital. His singles "Digital Luv EP", "4 The Luv Of Music", and "Take Me There" have all been massive stompers. What really took the industry by storm was the global hit of the summer of 2007. Zya along with his production and label partner, Michael Badal, created "The Way I Are", a bootleg of Timbaland's hit track. This song was supported by massive DJ's across the globe including David Guetta, DJ Dan, DJ Bam Bam, and so many others. Following the success of the bootleg, Zya and Badal started Jigsaw Recordings. Through this medium, Zya has began both releasing his signature tunes as well as signing other up and coming artists. His collaboration with Blow Media's Mandy J caught the ears of Canadian house-god, Hatiras, which led to a remix on Hatrax. Since then, Zya's collaboration with Michael Badal have made their way into the Progressive and Trance world as well. Their single "Legato" has been signed to Tiesto's Black Hole imprint and will be featured on Mr. Sam's "Opus Secundo" mix album on the label as the second disc's opener. Also, their single "Sideswipe" has been signed to the legendary UK dance label, Baroque Records and is due out later this year. There's no telling what is in store for Zya's future, but it surely is going to be positive. With this much under his belt in just over a year, what's coming in the next year is truly unpredictable. djzya

sugaShane Suga Shane Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose), Suga Shane has been in the mix for over 18 years! In 2001 Shane was priviledged to work with The Baka Boyz at San Francisco's 106 KMEL. "I owe a lot to J-Love and the Baka Boyz! I gained more knowledge in 8 months working with them than I had the past 10 years on my own!" In 2002 he joined Mega 100 (KQOD) in Stockton/Modesto as a mixer for Antoine's 5 O'clock Groove and the Saturday Night Old School Party. In 2003 Suga Shane was one of three finalists in the Wild 94.9 "Wild Style Mix Off" held at the Factory in San Francisco. He began appearing as a guest DJ for the "Mickey Fickey" mix show weekends on Wild 94.9 (KYLD) in San Francisco. In March of 2005 Suge began mixing for the the "Old School Groove". A specialty show airing on Sunday's from 4pm to 8pm at 97.7 & 98.3 KWIN/KWNN in Stockton/Modesto, CA. In June 2005 he began appearing as a part-time on-air talent at KWIN and rockin’ the turntables as morning show mixer for "Amanda King and Double J in the Morning!" Saturday night’s Shane is the host of "THE JUMP OFF!" A 3 hour mix show featuring Suga Shane along with guest DJ's and artist interviews. In 2006, DJ E-Rock invited Suga Shane to join the world famous Shaydyville coalition of DJ's (www.ShadyvilleDJ’ “My influences these days have changed… I have always listened to a variety of music and am finally getting a chance to break the mold and expand the range of music that I play at my events. I’m young enough to love a large majority of new music that I play on the radio everyday, but I am also old enough to appreciate the hits (and misses) of the past!” Suga Shane… in the mix with everything from Old School Funk, 80’s Retro, Classic Rock, Top 40 and Hip Hop!

DJ D Soto originated behind the turntables in 2001 in his hometown Fresno, CA. He started his career rocking house parties, clubs, and other social events and rapidly established himself as a crowd pleaser. His reputable skills of quick blending and crowd recognition distinguished him therefore allowing him to become part of the KBOS B95 Unfadeable Mix Squad in 2006. As he evolved and progressed his craft he was honorably selected to become part of the world renowned Bum Squad in 2007. His turntablism talent has made him popular with the people and he is known for getting the party jumpin. He has transformed various locations into the "hot spots" with his large crowd following dropping hip hop, house, top 40, and mash ups. He was the first DJ ever contracted to entertain weekly at Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino's Casa de Fuego in 2006. He has spun for numerous artists including Sean Kingston, Guerrilla Black, Ya Boy, Glasses Malone, Mistah Fab, Keak da Sneak, Filthy, Shake the Mayor , The Az's and many others. D Soto has participated in countless events in California's Central Valley's largest cities. He displays an innovative approach in sharing his abilities which has increased his visibility tremendously yet he stays grounded. He states "Music is my life" and he aspires to contribute efforts to the DJ realm that are considered 'timeless'. You can listen to DJ D Soto chop it up for the Juice Crew Morning Show Wake Up Call 7:30am and the Friday Night Jump Off 7pm on KBOS B95. dSOTO

Chris Garcia After 10 years of playing for the people at some of Europe's finest clubs, Chris now brings his unique style and sound to the United States. Living in Las Vegas and traveling the world, he has spun in France, Germany, Spain and North Africa. His first single " Party Started" and "Devil Expression" has been a dance floor favorite. Chris's sound can be heard at many of the nightclubs in Vegas such as JET, Tryst, and of course the legendary after hours at Drais where he is music director.
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